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Are you ready to launch your dream food blog?

Yes, let’s do this together! You can be a food blogger and start sharing your recipes, stories and photos with readers around the world. Start off 2017 completing one of your goals!

“I’ve been thinking about starting a food blog… but I’m totally not a techie.”

That’s what so many people have said to me over the years. I know that the first step of launching a new site can feel so overwhelming. That’s why I’ve created guided lessons to help you take every single step from idea to successful launch. Launch Your Dream Food Blog is the food blog course for you.

Rachel Cunliffe Hi! I’m Rachel Cunliffe of Cre8d Design, with 13 years experience designing custom WordPress themes – specializing in food blogs. I work with the best foodies in the biz including David Lebovitz, Marion Nestle, Chocolate and Zucchini, Once Upon a Chef, Cooking Classy, Natasha’s Kitchen, The Naptime Chef, Karen & Andrew, Alexander Lobrano and many more.

I’m also a mom to four aged 1, 3, 5 and 7. I totally get your concerns about being able to find time to start something new when your kids are finally in bed and your brain feels fried.

I know the challenges that new and seasoned food bloggers face, all the things you need to avoid doing, and all the things you need to do.

“I want to build my food blog income to the point where I have the option to quit my day job.”

Have you been wondering “why do all their blogs look so nice and clean and organized. How do I get to have a popular blog like that?” Maybe you have been Googling for “How to start a food blog” and found all sorts of tutorials.

Here’s the thing though: one blog post isn’t thorough enough to take you all the way from that dream in your head to a live website. You need someone to turn to who knows how to get you unstuck in the process. You need a lifesaver to stop hours of frustration and truthfully, a few tears.

There’s plenty of general WordPress courses out there, but they’re not geared toward food bloggers, the specific skills you need, and the tasks you need to focus on. And, what’s with them. They’re so sterile… “do this, then this, then click on this”. I get sleepy even thinking about those videos.

Maybe you’ve even tried in the past to start a food blog but have struggled with getting the layout you want.

What you would love is someone to give you tons of actionable tips and insights into food blogging, as well as handling that techie stuff for you.

“I’d so love someone to be my food blog coach, cheerleader + tech support life saver.”

That’s why I took my thousands of hours experience working with food bloggers to create Launch Your Dream Food Blog: I’ll be there helping you get to your goal each step of the way.

Stop spending wasted hours on Google and in Facebook groups looking for answers, piecing together solutions, frustrated and pulling out your hair over techie stress and being so afraid to mess up with code.

This is the very first time I’ll be sharing my step-by-step guide to how to start a food blog. I normally work with bloggers who have budgets of $5000+ to build their site but with this food blog course, I’ll be personally working with a select group of people dedicated to putting in the work to make their dream food blog come alive for a fraction of this cost.

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The course starts early 2017.

This six week food how to start a food blog course is going to be amazing.

What we’ll be covering step-by-step:

Module 1: Define Your Vision

Get these foundations right and you’ll save yourself many hours of wasted time and money. I’ll share plenty of stories.

Module 2: Create Your Brand

Define your brand, successfully name your dream food blog, find your domain name, set the style/tone/colors/fonts.

Module 3: Set Your Budget

My recommendations for what you need to get going and uncover the little costs which can add up if you’re not careful.

Module 4: Plan Your Content

Types of posts, key elements of successful food blogs, essential pages and information to include. Create your starting content.

Module 5: Set Up Your Food Blog

Consider this your step-by-step recipe with all the ingredients laid out for you: domain name, hosting, backups, maintenance, installing WordPress, WordPress starter guide, essential plugins for food bloggers and what to avoid. Adding in your content.

Module 6: Customize Your Food Blog

It’s a crazy theme jungle out there. I’ve save you many hours of aimless wandering and show you how to choose a theme the right way, avoiding all the lemons. Aligning your theme with your brand. Designing your recipe index properly. 

Module 7: Launch Your Food Blog

My advice for blogging workflow, SEO, email marketing, social networking, nurturing community and understanding Google Analytics. Optimizing your recipes for Google, Yummly, Pinterest, printing, emailing and more. An overview of ways people make money through their food blogs and financial record-keeping. Without going nuts.

What we don’t be covering:

How to cook or create recipes, how to photograph and style food and how to edit your photos. I’ll give some general pointers and link to some fantastics resources if you want to up your cooking, writing, photography and editing skills.

In this food blog course you’ll get:

  • Lessons in video and text format
  • A step-by-step workbook of homework to complete
  • A six week launch calendar outlining exactly what you need to do and when
  • A private Facebook group to discuss the lessons and get help with the course material
  • A weekly office hours session with me while you are doing the course
  • Bonus case studies of successful food blogs

Your investment: $497

You ready to join me?

Awesome! I can’t wait to get to know you and learn more about your dream food blog.

Registration opening soon.


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